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The International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Established by renowned Cardiovascular Scientists, Surgeons and Cardiologists, the Academy provides the organizational structure for the world-wide sharing of research and education information in the field of heart health.

Although great strides have been made in improving the death rate from heart disease, heart attacks and related problems are still the number one killer. The Academy believes that research has found answers but the facts are too slow in moving beyond the laboratories to the bedside.

IACS has established a new initiative to educate professionals as well as the Lay Public in Manitoba
The primary focus will be to develop the vision for a new initiative “Heart Health Think Tank” involving health professionals and community leaders to advise how the Academy might encourage Manitobans to be more engaged in their own prevention of cardiovascular diseases . We believe our most significant contribution to heart health in Manitoba will be to improve communication between general practitioners, related health professionals, prevention programs and the general public. We also believe we should
encourage employers to support their staff investigating their heart health and develop programs to avoid the major expense of heart diseases, morbidity and mortality.

Dr. Dhalla offered appointment to the Manitoba Advisory Board of the Heart Health Think Tank organized by the International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences for a term of three years until July 31st, 2016. We are delighted that the following have been able to accept this appointment:

Dr. Alan Menkis, Medical Director of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Cardiac Sciences
Mr. Charles LaFleche, President, St. Boniface Hospital Foundation
Ms. Debbie Brown, C E O, Manitoba | Heart & Stroke Foundation
Ms. Sue Boreskie, C E O, The Reh-Fit Centre
Dr . Francis Labossier, CEO Victoria Hospital
Dr . Sharon MacDonald, MB Patient Access Network
Dr . Pawan Singal, Director, Institute of Cardiovacular Sciences
Dr . Bram Ramjiawan, St . Boniface Clinical Research Group
Dr. Tony Miller, Cardiologist
Dr. George Kaoukis, Psychologist
Ms Jackie Zalnasky, VP Health Promotion and Research, Manitoba | Heart and Stroke Foundation
Dr . Luis Oppenheimer, MB Health
Mr . Kevin Kavanaugh, MB Business Council
Mr . Jack Levit, President, Lakeview Developments
Ms . Holly Toupin, V P  RBC
Mr . Sidney Halpern, CA
Mr . Jim Carr, MB Business Council
Mr . John Rae, CA
Ms . Lea Girman, retired government official
Dr . Samir Bhattacharya, retired cardiologist
Dr . James Tam, Section Chief of Cardiology for the Cardiac Sciences Program
Dr. Lorena Fontaine, Professor in Aboriginal Governance Program, University of Winnipeg
Ms. Charlene Rocke, CEO Victoria Hospital Foundation
Ms. Gayle Waxman, Executive Director, Rady JCC
Mr. Al Dueck, President, Duxton Windows
Mr. Peter Kaufmann,  CBRE Ltd.
Dr. Lorrie Kirshenbaum, Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences
Mr. Justin Bova, Managing Partner, Manshield Construction
Mr. Terry MacLeod,  CBC Winnipeg Weekend Morning Show
Dr . Naranjan Dhalla, IACS Executive Director
Mr . Ivan Berkowitz, IACS Heart Health Scholar

At the initial meeting on Dr. Menkis expressed his appreciation for bringing the group together and to those in attendance. Since there is no provincial cardiac organization, Dr. Menkis would like to see the program for Manitoba Heart Health modeled after the program for Cancer Care.  He said the onus is on us to pull together the private, public as well as government agencies so that the Think Tank group can be multi-disciplinary.  The Heart & Stroke Foundation should also be involved in all the discussions.  Dr. Menkis specified a need of what our products are to be followed by a strategic plan as to how may product lines to move on. He and Mr. Berkowitz recalled the conclusions of our Think Tank in 2008 that CVD in Manitoba should be mapped (an inventory taken) and the observation of our of our guests from Cancer Care that she was surprised there was no discussion of the most valuable tool of fighting cancer – “Early Detection”.  In response to a question Dr. Menkis defined “Secondary Prevention” as dealing with one who has had an incident of cardiac disease needing to prevent recurrence(s).

Mr. Berkowitz referred to the imminent launch of a research project, funded by the St. Boniface Foundation to bring Dr. Jay Cohn’s program about which he spoke at our Harold Buchwald Luncheon in 2009 – the University of Minnesota Rasmussen Center for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention.

The first initiative of the Think Tank was organizing the 5th Harold Buchwald Heart Health Lecture as the highlight of the MANSHIELD CONSTRUCTION HEART HEALTH LUNCHEON at the Winnipeg Convention Centre on October 3, 2013. The Guest Speaker will be Dr. Salim Yusuf Dr. Yusuf is President-Elect of the World Heart Federation; and Professor of Medicine and Executive Director of the Population Health Research Institute at McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences, where he has established  international programs of research in CVD and prevention involving 85 countries. His title was "MOST PREMATURE HEART DISEASE IS PREVENTABLE". What a great celebration it was of the W H F “World Heart Day”. We have now linked with St. Boniface Research, W H F and others to share the entire talk online through our website:  www.heartacademy.org  

This initiative of the International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences “MB Think Tank” is supported by the Myles Robinson Memorial Heart Trust and St. Boniface Hospital Foundation.  “Regarding the recent Luncheon, there was a commitment that all funds raised will support the launch of our collaboration to encourage individuals to become engaged in protecting their own heart health. Learning from Dr. Yusuf is a good way to start!”

A special edition of the IACS “CV Network” was produced for the guests at the Luncheon as follows:

CV Network Vol 12 No 3 Special Edition

World-renowned Research Centre renamed

St-Boniface Hospital honoured Winnipeg visionary and philanthropist Paul Albrechtsen by renaming its Research Centre the St-Boniface Hospital Albrechtsen Research Centre. The Centre is the global headquarters of the International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences where our Dr. Naranjan Dhalla was the founder of the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences.

He was interviewed recently by the American Physiological Society's for their "Living History Program.

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3rd Harold Buchwald Lecture by Dr. Sharon Mulvagh, Mayo Clinic, Rochester


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Dr. Robert Roberts made a very special talk as the first Yetta and Jack Levit Distinguished Lecture. Click here to enjoy Dr. Roberts ' talk. On Nov. 2/15, Dr. John Cairns second Distinguished Lecture was extraordinary Click here for the lecture.

2nd Harold Buchwald Heart Health Lecture Sept. 29, 2009 ... an incredible talk by Dr. Jay Cohn which inspired Ivan Berkowitz to pursue a number of options which led to Dr. Duhamel's HAPPY Hearts Project. Click here to watch video

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