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IACS Fellows Emeritus

Dr. Rui S.Almeida Parana, Brazil
Dr. Aubie Angel Toronto, Canada
Dr. Gerald Berenson New Orleans, USA
Dr. Sanford P. Bishop Birmingham, USA
Dr. Domingo M. Braile Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Brazil
Dr. Pavel Braveny Brno, Czech Republic
Dr. Dirk L.E.Brutsaert Edegum, Belgium
Dr. Edward E. Carmeliet Leuven, Belgium
Dr. James B. Caulfield Birmingham, USA
Dr. Horacio Cingolani La Plata, Argentina
Dr. Sergio Dalla-Volta Padova, Italy
Dr. Jean Davignon Montreal, Canada
Dr. Adolfo J. de Bold Ottawa, Canada
Dr. Mario F. De Carmargo Maranhão Curitiba, Brazil
Dr. Edgardo Escobar Santiago, Chile
Dr. Alexandre Fabiato Richmond, USA
Dr. Norman Hollenberg Boston, USA
Dr. Keith D. Garlid Beaverton, USA
Dr. Detlev Genten Berlin-Buch, Germany
Dr. Garrett Gross Milwaukee, USA
Dr. Sigmundur Gudbjarnason Reykjavik, Iceland
Dr. Ruthard Jacob Tubingen, Germany

Dr. Jasbir S. Juggi

Gurgaon, India
Dr. Hanjõrg Just Freiburg, Germany

Dr. Arnold Katz

Norwich, USA
Dr. Frantisek Kolbel Prague Czech, Republic
Dr. Ernst-Georg Krause Berlin, Germany
Dr. Antonio L’Abbate Pisa, Italy
Dr. Glenn A. Langer Little River, USA
Dr. Claude Lenfant Gaithersburg, USA
Dr. Bohdan Lewartowski Warsaw, Poland
Dr. Martin M. LeWinter Burlington, USA
Dr. Benedict R. Lucchesi Ann Arbor, USA
Dr. Attilio Maseri MIlan, Italy
Dr. Terrence Montague Dorval, Canada
Dr. Takayuki Ozawa Shimadashi, Japan
Dr. William W. Parmley Salt Lake City, USA
Dr. Rodolfo Paoletti Milan, Italy
Dr. James R. Parratt Glasgow, Scotland
Dr. Arie Pinson Jerusalem, Israel
Dr. Bertram Pitt Ann Arbor, USA
Dr. Babeth Rabinowitz Tel Aviv, Israel
Dr. Peter Rösen Dusseldorf, Germany
Dr. Jutta Schaper Bad Nauheim, Germany
Dr. Wolfgang Schaper Bad Nauheim, Germany
Dr. Wolfgang Schulze Berlin, Germany
Dr. Bal K. Sharma Haryana, India
Dr. Nobuhiko Shibata Osaka, Japan
Dr. Mohammed A.Q. Siddiqui Brooklyn, USA
Dr. Nicholas Sperelakis Cincinnati, USA
Dr. Rajendar K. Suri Chandigarh, India
Dr. Paulo J.F. Tucci Sao Paulo, Brazil
Dr. M. Sankaran Valiathan Manipal, India
Dr. Guy Vassort Montpelier, France
Dr. Panangipalli Venugopal New Delhi, India
Dr. Myron L. Weisfeldt Baltimore, USA
Dr. Kern Wildenthal Dallas, USA
Dr. Heinz-Gerd Zimmer Leipzig, Germany


World-renowned Research Centre renamed

St-Boniface Hospital honoured Winnipeg visionary and philanthropist Paul Albrechtsen by renaming its Research Centre the St-Boniface Hospital Albrechtsen Research Centre. The Centre is the global headquarters of the International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences where our Dr. Naranjan Dhalla was the founder of the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences.

He was interviewed recently by the American Physiological Society's for their "Living History Program.

Click here to enjoy


3rd Harold Buchwald Lecture by Dr. Sharon Mulvagh, Mayo Clinic, Rochester


Click for An Important Conversation About Heart Health between Dr. Mulvagh and Marlo Thomas

If you missed the MANSHIELD CONSTRUCTION HEART HEALTH LUNCHEON featuring the 5th Harold Buchwald Lecture on October 3, 2013, please Click here for Dr Yusuf's extraordinary talk

Dr. Robert Roberts made a very special talk as the first Yetta and Jack Levit Distinguished Lecture. Click here to enjoy Dr. Roberts ' talk. On Nov. 2/15, Dr. John Cairns second Distinguished Lecture was extraordinary Click here for the lecture.

2nd Harold Buchwald Heart Health Lecture Sept. 29, 2009 ... an incredible talk by Dr. Jay Cohn which inspired Ivan Berkowitz to pursue a number of options which led to Dr. Duhamel's HAPPY Hearts Project. Click here to watch video

Read the latest bulletin from St. Boniface - excellent reports on IACS Fellows Drs. Menkis, Pierce and Kirshenbaum - great heart health advice!