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Jan Slezak honoured by Bratislava, Slovakia

--news release from the City of Bratislava, Slovakia

Mayor of Bratislava, Slovakia, Milan Ftáčnik (L), in the Primational’s Palace, recognized personalities who have contributed to the cultural, social and sporting development of Bratislava. A bronze statue of the Knight Roland, defender of city’s rights and privileges, was presented to scientist Prof. Jan Slezak (R) who is honorary citizen of Winnipeg, Canada and Fellow and Member of the Board of Directors of IACS. Prof. D..H.S. Jan Slezak, MD., DSc., accepted the prize from hands of the Bratislava Mayor for his lifetime work as scientist, university professor, communicator and organizer in the field of cardiac medicine. Prof. Slezak worked for 50 years at the Slovak Academy of Sciences. His research activities are devoted to many topics, including Normal and Pathological Physiology and Experimental Cardiology which were his central fields of interest. He has published over 550 scientific papers. He was contributor and editor of eight monographs, and author of textbooks. In 1991, he founded the Slovak League for Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases Heart to Heart. For 10 years, he served as Director of the Institute for Heart Research, Slovak Academy of Sciences and later 11 years as the first Vice-President of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Currently, Prof. Slezak is the vice-rector of the Slovak Medical University in Bratislava.

-CV Network Vol 12. No 4

World-renowned Research Centre renamed

St-Boniface Hospital honoured Winnipeg visionary and philanthropist Paul Albrechtsen by renaming its Research Centre the St-Boniface Hospital Albrechtsen Research Centre. The Centre is the global headquarters of the International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences where our Dr. Naranjan Dhalla was the founder of the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences.

He was interviewed recently by the American Physiological Society's for their "Living History Program.

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