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“The challenge for the Academy and its members is to adopt a mind-set, which continuously raises the question of how new and existing knowledge, can be translated into prevention, improved diagnosis and therapy of cardiovascular disease. This approach offers the hope of  a continued reduction in morbidity and mortality due to cardiovascular diseases.” Howard Morgan, founding President

On Feb. 26/16, Dr. Dhalla hosted a reception  for about 100 colleagues and friends of Ivan. Click here to listen to the formal proceedings.  Click here to view photos taken by Keith Levit.

Click here to listen to IVAN honoured by Terry MacLeod on his CBC Weekend Morning Show

I A C S extends sincere appreciation to the Levit Family and St. Boniface Hospital Research for support of the 2nd Yetta and Jack Levit Distinguished Lecture

DR. JOHN CAIRNS – Cardiologist, Scientist and President of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences delivered an extraordinary talk

“Can Aspirin prevent heart attacks without causing more harm than good?

Dr. Arnold Naimark ( R ) introduced Dr. Cairns.  Both were effusive in their praise of Levit family for their leadership in funding IACS efforts to educate Manitobans about Heart Health. Dr. Cairns proudly shared his gratitude for  the support with  Yetta Levit surrounded  by her children - Diane (L), Keith and Shelley.                                                 

 The Yetta and Jack Levit Distinguished Lectures can be enjoyed at:

While he was in Winnipeg, Dr. Cairns was interviewed by Greg Mackling.  On Sunday, Nov.8, the interview aired on CJOB's  "THE HEALTH REPORT".   To listen PLEASE CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE to enjoy Dr. Noel Bairey Merz's talk

What a Luncheon

Click here for comments and recipes

Not only did nearly 300 Luncheon-goers enjoy the awesome talk which they expected from Dr. Noel Bairey Merz but they were also treated to a heart-healthy lunch created by Chef Quetin Harty of the RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg with help from Ilona Beck of CanMor Grain Products who provided the recipe and supplied flax for cooking and SHAPE Foods who supplied flax oil.

Dr. Bairey Merz shown hosting to aggressive promoters of Heart Health. Pres. Clinton discovered the hard way that he need life-saving surgeries to redirect his lifestyle. Barbra Streisand has identified the dreadful gap in heart care for women and introduced Dr. Bairey Merz for an incredible talk on TED.com.

Click here to learn from these amazing ladies.


On Sunday, April 26, 2015,  on CJOB's "The Health Report"

Hosts Chuck Lafleche and Greg Mackiling  explored new approaches to heart health in advance of the 6th annual Harold Buchwald Heart Health Luncheon

Guest: Dr. Noel Bairey Merz,

Director, Preventative & Rehabilitative Cardiac Centre and Barbra Streisand Women's Heart Center

A series on Women's Heart Health

On May 4/15 Terry MacLeod again served as the Luncheon's extraordinary Host. Please click to learn more about Terry.

On his Weekend Morning Show"  on Mar. 22/15 on CBC Manitoba, Terry  MacLeod interviewed Dr. Suzy Santos on Women's Heart Health - click here to listen

On March 29th, Terry interviewed Yvone Baert -  click here for her sharing her experience which was happily solved with seven stents.

On April 25th, Terry interviewed Dr. Noel Bairey Merz-  click here for her sharing her preview of her visit to Winnipeg

On Jan. 9th, Terry interviewed Teri Moffat and Dr. Todd Duhamel. They are leading the HAPPY Hearts Project at St. Boniface Research based on the work of IACS Fellow Jay Cohn about which Dr. Cohn spoke as the Buchwald Lecturer on Sept. 29/09- CLICK HERE to listen to Terry's extraordinary interview.
Women in Manitoba, 55 or over who are interested in free participation in the HAPPY Hearts Project please call 204 235 3589 OR  E-mail happyhearts@sbrc.ca

A Dramatic Report on Women from Ottawa

Dr. Naranjan S. Dhalla, Distinguished Professor of Physiology, University of Manitoba, and Director of Cardiovascular Developments, St-Boniface Hospital Research was honored at the 2nd European Section Meeting of the International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences, held October 8-10, 2015 at the Hotel Crowne Plaza in Belgrade, Serbia.

Dhalla was presented with a plaque of appreciation for establishing the International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences, as well as a video featuring well-wishes from top researchers in the European cardiovascular research community, including Dr. Andras Varro (Hungary), Dr. Jan Slezak (Slovakia), Dr. Danina Muntean (Romania), Dr. Dragan Djuric (Serbia), Dr. Vladimir Jakovljevic (Serbia), Dr. Bohuslav Ostadal (Czech Republic), and Dr. Tatiana Ravingerova (Slovakia).

Please click here to enjoy this superb tribute to Dr. Dhalla.

Dr. Bohuslav Ošťádal

On Sept. 6/14, Dr. Bohuslav Ošťádal, from Prague, Czech Republic assumed the Presidency of I A C S for a three-year term.

To enjoy his remarks and welcome from some friends, PLEASE CLICK HERE

Terry McLeod (Host and Producer of CBC Radio Winnipeg's "Weekend Morning Show") interviewed Dr. Sharon Mulvagh on Sept. 5th at the 2nd CV Forum at the RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg

Sharon L. Mulvagh is Professor of Medicine,Mayo College of Medicine, and Consultant in Cardiovascular Diseases at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN. Click to listen.

Interview with Dr.  Chugh by Charles Adler on CJOB Winnipeg on. Sept. 5/14

Sumeet S. Chugh is Director of the Heart Rhythm Center, Associate Director of the Heart Institute and holder of the Pauline and Harold Price Endowed Chair in Cardiac Electrophysiologyat the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles;and Professor of Medicine-in-Residence at UCLA. He is a clinical cardiac electrophysiologist and investigator, and his research program focuses on population-based approaches to mechanisms of sudden cardiac death. He founded, and continues to direct the Oregon Sudden Unexpected Death Study, ongoing since 2002. Click to listen.

Transplant recipient speaks from the heart

The person in the front of the canoe in this photo is Kristin Millar. The remarkable thing about this scene is that Kristin was attached to an LVAD (a Left Ventricular Assistive Device) – a pump that does the work the heart does for most of us, without our thinking about it much. [photo by Kathy Stinson - click here to read her article about Kristin]

You Can Avoid A Heart Attack

Bill Clinton:  Decide to live a healthier life

Photo taken by Ivan Berkowitz at President Clinton’s Health Matters Conference in Palm Springs  CA on January 17, 2012  -  click here for more details.

Katie Couric WORLD 3.0  on Yahoo! News  "Barbra Streisand's mission to end heart disease in women"

Jan. 27/15 update from Ivan Berkowitz: "Although I did not accept their invitation to again attend Pres. Clinton’s Health Matters Activation Summit, I did “attend” online and saw Dr. Merz with British Robinson, the C E O of Women’s Heart Alliance (WHA) WHA is a unique collaboration of the Streisand Center with the Ronald O. Perelman Heart Institute at New York – Presbyterian Heart Institute and two major philanthropists, Barbra Streisand and Ronald O. Perelman. I have added a YouTube promotion of women’s heart health to our web site and hope to establish a relationship with the WHA."  Click here to connect with YouTube

Rosie reveals her heart attack mistakes to Dr. Oz

Dr. Mehmet Oz chats with TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie about his interview with Rosie O’Donnell, in which the actress and comedian opened up about her heart attack this summer, and discusses the signs of heart attacks in women.

Click here to see interview.

Click here to read Rosie's Poem "My Heart Attack" - it's an important message!

Avoiding Heart Attacks

What's a sign of heart attack? Anything

If you missed the MANSHIELD CONSTRUCTION HEART HEALTH LUNCHEON featuring the 5th Harold Buchwald Lecture on October 3, 2013, please support initiative to encourage people to engage in their own heart health by donating. Click here.

Click here for Dr Yusuf's extraordinary talk!

For a great interview about Dr Yusuf's life and career,   GO TO theheart.org

Dr. Salim Yusuf's interview on CJOB Winnipeg's "Health Report" which Greg Mackilng recorded at the Winnipeg Convention Centre following Dr. Yusuf's 5th Harold Buchwald Heart Health Lecture "MOST PREMATURE HEART DISEASE IS PREVENTABLE"

Special Edition October 3, 2013

A special edition of CV Network was produced for guests at the Luncheon, Please click here to enjoy

A Unique Celebration of World Heart Day in Winnipeg on October 3, 2013

The Manshield Construction Heart Health Luncheon was an initiative of the International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences in collaboration with Myles Robinson Memorial Heart Trust and the St. Boniface Hospital Foundation. Close to 300 enjoyed a heart-healthy lunch featuring  very delicious omega 3 rich flax-crusted salmon at the RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg.

Leaders of Manitoba's Cardiovascular Research community joined the Luncheon Sponsor following the 5th Harold Buchwald Heart Health Lecture "Most Premature Heart Disease is Preventable"by Dr. Salim Yusuf which can be enjoyed in full on www.heartacademy.org.

L- R -  Dr. Naranjan Dhalla (Founder and Executive Director I A C S ); Dr. Henry Friesen (Past-President of the Medical Research  Council of Canada and helped transform it to Canadian Institutes of Health Research); Justin Bova (Managing Partner of Luncheon Sponsor Manshield Construction); Dr. Salim Yusuf (President - Elect of the World Heart Federation); Dr. Arnold Naimark (President Emeritus, University of Manitoba)

L-R - Irene and Mike Czubryt, Lorrie Kirshenbaum, Gail and Grant Pierce,  Alex  Austria, Chuck LaFleche, Delfin Rodriguez, Henry Freisen, Justin Deniset

Our special friend Delfin Rodriguez, from Holguin Cuba, was in Winnipeg on Nov. 8 and honoured with the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences' Vincenzo Panagia Award.  To enjoy Delfin's Lecture, go to http://www.sbrc.tv/1/Watch/301.aspx (scroll across to 1:30:15)


Dr. Louis Ignarro

Nobel Laureate, IACS Fellow and Medal of Merit Recipient spoke in Winnipeg about his personal path to "NO More Heart Attacks"

Click here to enjoy his talk.


HEART HEALTH - Supplement to the Winnipeg Free Press, Saturday, September 8, 2012

Heart stem cell pioneer to get IACS Medal of Merit.
Cardiovascular diseases are the world’s No. 1 killer. They claim 18 million lives every year.
Buckwald helped make vision a reality.

Click here for article

Academy Fellow Robert Lefkowitz Awarded 2012 Nobel Prize

Dr. Lefkowitz is a Fellow of IACS. To enjoy the Nobelprize.org interview with him, please visit: http://www.nobelprize.org/mediaplayer/index.php?id=1844

In 2003, Dr. Lefkowitz was one of the early recipients of the IACS’ highest honour the Medal of Merit which has been presented to five Nobel Prize Winners among 27  outstanding cardiologists, surgeons and scientists  for their outstanding achievements in cardiovascular education and research.

One guy LOVED his open heart surgery

Click here to see interview

Dr. Parloop Bhatt

Women's Heart Health in India

For the Global Network to Fight CVD Steering Committee Meeting Mar . 26, 2012 in Chicago during the A C C Meetings,  we were joined by Drs. James Willerson (IACS President); Parloop Bhatt; Chockalingam; Junbo Ge; Jay Cohn; Jay Mehta; Jennifer Hall; and Suzy Lanier; and via SKYPE – Naranjan Dhalla and Mohamed Boutdjir. Previously Dr. Bhatt and I had met with Dr. Sharon Mulvagh. Those discussions encouraged Drs. Mehta and Mulvagh and I to assist Dr. Bhatt in proceeding with the IACS-CIMS Women Welfare Proposal you can review by clicking here

3rd Symposium on The FUTURE of HEART HEALTH

Click here  to enjoy all the talks, especially a debate "Angioplasty and Stents are Better Revascularization Than Cardiac Surgery"

2nd Symposium on The FUTURE of HEART HEALTH

In addition to celebrating the life of Dr Michael DeBakey (1908 - 2008), we developed a concept to share the wisdom around the world. Inspired by the unique TED.com. 

Click here for details.


When Sir Magdi Yacoub was in Winnipeg to celebrate toe 70th Birthday of Dr. Naranjan Dhalla, he was the Keynote Speaker at the 1st "SYMPOSIUM on the FUTURE of HEART HEALTH". Later, he was interviewed on CKY-TV with a young woman from Brandon whose life Dr Yacoub saved with revolutionary surgery when she was a baby.  Click here to watch video.

IACS Fellows

Click here for complete Fellows list


Genes and Cardiovascular Function

Molecular Defects in Cardiovascular Disease


Dr. Ernest Madu on TED.com

Click here to go to Dr. Madu's blog.

A proposal to encourage Manitoba Aboriginal women to engage in their own and their family's Heart Health - Click here

 IACS members:

  • are eligible for election as Fellows of the Academy at appropriate times

  • will have free access to Academy Web Site – www.heartacademy.org which now includes “CV NETWORK ONLINE” AND are encouraged to submit articles for CV NETWORK

  • will receive significant discounts on subscriptions to the official journals of the Academy

  • may take advantage of meaningful discounts for attendance at Academy Congresses and Meetings

  • will be able to access contact ELECTRONICALLY with all Members and Fellows for ease of networking

  • will be supported to host meetings to be sponsored by the Academy



World-renowned Research Centre renamed

St-Boniface Hospital honoured Winnipeg visionary and philanthropist Paul Albrechtsen by renaming its Research Centre the St-Boniface Hospital Albrechtsen Research Centre. The Centre is the global headquarters of the International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences where our Dr. Naranjan Dhalla was the founder of the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences.

He was interviewed recently by the American Physiological Society's for their "Living History Program.

Click here to enjoy


3rd Harold Buchwald Lecture by Dr. Sharon Mulvagh, Mayo Clinic, Rochester


Click for An Important Conversation About Heart Health between Dr. Mulvagh and Marlo Thomas

If you missed the MANSHIELD CONSTRUCTION HEART HEALTH LUNCHEON featuring the 5th Harold Buchwald Lecture on October 3, 2013, please Click here for Dr Yusuf's extraordinary talk

Dr. Robert Roberts made a very special talk as the first Yetta and Jack Levit Distinguished Lecture. Click here to enjoy Dr. Roberts ' talk. On Nov. 2/15, Dr. John Cairns second Distinguished Lecture was extraordinary Click here for the lecture.

2nd Harold Buchwald Heart Health Lecture Sept. 29, 2009 ... an incredible talk by Dr. Jay Cohn which inspired Ivan Berkowitz to pursue a number of options which led to Dr. Duhamel's HAPPY Hearts Project. Click here to watch video

Read the latest bulletin from St. Boniface - excellent reports on IACS Fellows Drs. Menkis, Pierce and Kirshenbaum - great heart health advice!